My range of services

Speech Therapy Adults is a small practice with a clinic based at home in Beddington, Surrey. I also do home/school/nursing home visits. 


Our services at a glance

Initial Consultation: This includes a comprehensive assessment of difficulties and skills (I.e in swallowing, language, speech, cognition). A full case history including social and medical information will be required. A plan for further assessment, therapy and aims will then be discussed with the client/their families. Initial contact to relevant medical professionals would happen at this stage to alert them to my involvement. A full report summarising initial assessment is available upon request. 



Subsequent Therapy: This can be as frequent as is required - i.e weekly, 3 times a week for 6 weeks etc. Usually these sessions last for 1 hour depending on need. You will not be charged extra for professional liaison. Travel may result in a pre determined additional cost. 



Skype/Facetime Therapy: Telecommunications is now a popular choice for therapy and is available. Resources, advice sheets etc. can be passed on through email. 

Need an individual consultation?

Simply call us on 078 35709032 or use our contact form.

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